Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 715: Because the Investment Is Not from Me

After learning the news, Caesar was not so happy. He originally thought that Complex Corporation would have no time to care about Steward Group after receiving a heavy blow. But he did not expect that it would recover so quickly.

As for Southwest…

He frowned while asking Jon, “Do you have more specific information?”

“Well, of course. But I can’t guarantee that it is real,” replied Jon.

“Tell me about it,” he said.

“Southwest was founded three years ago in Auckland. And their core members are New Zealanders. As for the mysterious investor…” Jon paused and then added, “I only know that Clarence went to Auckland to talk business three years ago. Whether he is related to this company, I am not sure.”

Christian said, “If it were in the past, the investor of this company would remain a mystery. But from what happened today, it is most likely Clarence.”

Jon folded his legs and said casually, “Don’t be so sure about everything. What if Clarence is only on good terms with the company?”

Caesar took off his gold-rimmed glasses and said, “I do have a way to figure it out.”

“Oh?” Jon said.

Just when the online discussion about Steward Group’s share price returning in full swing became heated, people on the internet began to question who the investor behind Southwest truly was.

Soon someone used Clarence’s trip to Auckland three years ago as evidence to show that he was the most likely answer.

Otherwise, he would not have helped Steward Group under such a situation.

As the discussion continued, people began to talk about the actions of Clarence. Three years ago when he invested in Southwest, he did it in the name of the president of Conrad Group. So from a certain perspective, Southwest should belong to Conrad Group, rather than Clarence personally.

But at the same time, some people also felt that since when Clarence left Conrad Group, he did not disclose all the assets under his name or return any of the assets to Conrad Group, which suggested that he didn't really want to step off the throne and let go of the glory Conrad Group had brought him.