Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 636: We Just Want to Take Ms. James Home

After leaving the studio, Freya put on her sunglasses, got into a Maserati which was parked by the roadside and the started the car.

She then arrived at a hotel. Freya pushed open the door and said slowly while fixing her eyes on the man, “She refused to accept this order no matter what I tried.”

The man, who stood in front of the French window, slowly turned around, walked to the sofa and sat down, “Have you found out the reasons?”

“She found out that my parents are citizens of Riverside.”

The man, who was holding a cigar at his hand, paused. Then he asked with great interest, “Looks like she’s quiet vigilant. She could even find this.”

Freya sneered and sat opposite to the man. She expertly picked up a cigar, lit it up, took a smoke of it and then slowly smoked out, “Looks like it’s impossible to begin our plan from this aspect.”

The man narrowed his eyes, “Don’t be in a hurry. Our opportunity has arrived.”


“I got a piece of news this morning – Elaine secretly left Riverside and she’s now in City N.”

Freya furrowed her brows, “Elaine James?”

The man said, “She’s not only Darnell’s fiancée, but also Franklin’s daughter. If she has any accident in City N, they must have a conflict. At that time, we can just watch the show.”

“It was Elaine who chose to come to City N. Why do you think that Franklin would…”

“She’s just a little girl, how could she manage to overcome various obstacles without causing anyone’s notice and come to City N?”

Freya immediately understood it. She chuckled, “Turns out that the girl I met in Stella’s studio is Elaine.”

The man took a smoke of the cigar, “City N is Clarence’s territory. If Elaine has any accidents here, who will be blamed? What do you think of it?”

Freya praised him, “Killing two birds with one stone. What a wonderful trick! But will they agree to it?”

“Their goal is Clarence and Stella, but now we get the James family involved and stir up the conflicts among the several parties. He’s willing to see this scene. So why not?”