Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 612: Attract the Other Woman

The James would hold a family gathering every half a year and it was to gather all the James together to go through a set of procedures in nature.

Ancestor worship was its main theme as well as an indispensable part.

The youngers didn’t like these unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, but the seniors were still adhering to the traditions passed down from their ancestors and treated every detail seriously and carefully.

Therefore, the family gathering of the James family had never been a form of entertainment and no outsider was allowed to attend it.

After Clarence’s leaving, Archer wiped away the sweats on his forehead and hurriedly dialled Darnell.

He reported, “Clarence came to me.”

Darnell replied in a flat tone, “What did he ask you?”

Archer coughed, “He… He asked about the child’s condition and some insignificant matters.”

“What else?”

“He required me to take him into the James’ Mansion next Sunday.”

Darnell at the other end of the phone remained silent. Archer could only hear his even breath.

Archer said tentatively, “Should I go out to evade him? He will not be able to do anything as long as I’m not in Riverside.”

Darnell replied, “No need. He can find a way to enter the James’ Mansion even without your help.”

“That makes sense. Who will deal with this troublesome thing if I leave?”

“I will arrange it and you can directly take him into the James’ Mansion later.”

Archer asked after a short while of silence, “Do you plan to tell him about the truth?”

Darnell replied, “I’m just doing it according to the rules. As for other matters, they have nothing to do with me.”

Archer was rendered speechless.

How awesome! He’s really good at shifting blames.

Even Bancroft James, the former patriarch, would praise it if he was still alive.

There came Darnell’s voice soon, “Someone has got the news that you’d once left Riverside. Don’t create any troubles in these few days, stay in the laboratory and don’t go out. Wait until the day to worship the ancestors.”