Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 405: They Must Have Had a Conflit

Stella came back to the Steward family at now. When she prepared to come upstairs, Charles walked out from the study and said expressionlessly, “I remember I told you before that the Steward family has its own rules. Since you’re now living here, you should abide to its rules.”

Stella said with a smile, “Mr. Steward, you’re right. It’s my bad that I don’t have a good memory and forget it. But thanks to you reminder, I will definitely remember it this time.”

Charles pulled his face when he heard the words.

Stella continued, “Mr. Steward, I’ve clarified that matter as you wish. When will you fulfill your promise?”

Charles said, “Do you think that your clarification is worthy?”

“Mr. Steward, I feel wrong when hearing you say so.” Stella said with an innocent expression and talked irresponsibly with a serious face, “I asked a top-class attorney to write the statement for me. He told me that considering the statement would be posted not on behalf of myself, but on behalf of the whole studio, so I should think over it to reduce the influence to every party to minimum. After consideration and thinking over every word, I posted such an official statement.”

She easily shifted the blame to Donald.

Charles knitted his brows. Stella didn’t know whether he believed in her words or not, but all in all, his expression was still hideous.

Stella continued, “Mr. Steward, I’m still running my own store. This matter has attracted numerous attentions on the Internet. No matter what, those people are defending me. If I side Ms. Steward openly, they will become unsatisfied with me. Initially many people doubt that I was bribed or threatened. If I do so, I’ll only prove their assumptions.”

“Mr. Steward, you’re also a businessman and I think you can understand why I chose to post such a statement.”

Charles narrowed his eyes. He underestimated her before and hadn’t expected that she was so scheming.

He sneered, “Looks like many people are backing you and they’ve provided some good advices to you.”

Stella replied, “Not that many. I knew them in work and life. Of course I’m inferior to Ms. Steward as she can achieve everything by money.”

Charles knew that she was implying happened before. With a cold face, he came back to his room without saying a word again.