Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 70: Maybe This Is the Destiny

Clarence stood up and said in a flat tone, “I will give you three days to consider about this. You can tell me what else you want. If you miss this opportunity, you will not be able to get what you want again.”

He stopped when he walked to the door and said slowly, “If you can make your decision earlier, you brother would not have given up his promising future for only one million.”

Stella bit her lower lip tightly with a pair of red-rimmed eyes. She was trying so hard to suppress the impulse to shed tears.

After Clarence’s leaving, Stella pulled out the infusion needle on the back of her hand.

She walked towards the entrance of the hospital while calling Sherry. She learned from Sherry that Channing had resigned from the convenience store and that Channing was nowhere to be found.

When Sherry met with Stella, she was startled by Stella’s pale face and red-rimmed eyes. She asked, “Stella, what’s wrong with you?”

Stella shook her head, “Let’s find Chan first.”

When it was getting dark, they finally got in touch with Channing. Stella asked in a calm voice, “Chan, where are you now?”

“I’m having a military training.”

“Give me your address.”

Channing, who was at the other end of the phone, was silent for a while, “The school doesn’t allow outsiders to come in during the military training.”

“Give me the contact method of your teacher or military instructor. I will have a talk with them.”

Channing was muted.

Stella felt extremely tired. She repeated the question, “Chan, where are you?”

Actually, Channing found a job in the vicinity of University A. He thought that if Stella came to the university to find him later, he could lie to her that he was having a part-time job here and he thought that Stella wouldn’t doubt it.

But he hadn’t expected that Stella would find out the truth so soon.

After a long while, Channing replied, “Stay there. I will go to find you.”

While waiting for Channing, Sherry learned from Stella about the whole thing and she didn’t know how to console her at the moment.

person for Stella. Now Channing gave up his promising future and

later, Channing arrived at Stella’s

circumstance, Sherry found an excuse, saying that she had to go out

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father’s debt because Channing happened to give the card to her after Adolph came here to ask her to pay

said, “I’m afraid that they will not let go of us easily. They have no moral bottom lines and they can do everything to achieve their goals. I think that even


use the money to pay Jeffrey’s debt. I’ve told you that I will support your life. Although there’s not too much money in the card,

“Chan, you gave up the admission letter to University A, do you know what it means to

up the opportunity

and I know deep down what

regret it. Even if I can’t study in the university,

don’t go to the university?” Stella fixed her eyes on the card in front of her, “There’s no point to return this card to

Channing nodded his head.

was nothing in the eyes of those rich people. But for them, the

solve this.

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of me or the other person. If… If I successfully solve this problem, I hope it will be the end

still wanted to say something, but Stella interrupted him, “Let’s stop here today. I want to

something fishy and turned around and said to Stella, “This’s my choice and I can bear the consequence. You don’t

lips into a light smile, “Who tell you that I want to

“What transaction?”

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Channing was rendered speechless.

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asked in a low voice,

reality, “Almost. I will go to find Clarence tomorrow.

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After several seconds, she replied, “Maybe

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