Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 67: We Will Not Contact Each Other Again

Phoebe seemed to think of something, “I remember that your cousin Clarence doesn’t like her, right?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know what’s wrong with him recently. He warned me not to go hard with her several days ago.”

Phoebe picked up a glass of wine and said nonchalantly, “Maybe it’s because she’s pregnant.”

Annie widened her eyes, “What? But she…”

Phoebe said in a gentle voice, “I saw her in the hospital before and it seemed like she was here to have a pregnancy inspection. I asked her tentatively for several times later and I guessed that she’s probably pregnant. Annie, don’t tell others about this. I know that she has divorced Clarence, but so far and don’t know who the father of the child in her belly is…”

Phoebe’s words were so euphemistic, but she explicitly expressed the key information. Hatred towards Stella immediately appeared in Annie’s eyes.

That shameless woman had been pestering Horace recently and she showed up in this banquet out of the blue today. Annie guessed that Stella was probably planning to threat Horace to marry her with the child in her belly. She would not allow this to happen.

Annie turned around indignantly and went to find Stella.

Looking at her back, Phoebe slowly finished the wine in the glass.

On the other side, Stella was still waiting for Sherry’s message. She became more and more flustered and uneasy.

She suddenly heard someone shouting at her, “You, come here, clear this place.”

Stella looked over following the sound and found the red spills on the ground. She guessed that maybe a child was playing there before and accidently knocked over the glass.

Seeing that Stella was still motionless, the man shouted again, “Are you dumb? Do you know how distinguished the guests of today’s banquet are? If one of them falls down because of this, will you be held responsible?”

Horace’s voice suddenly sounded.

The man, who was so cocky and overbearing just now, immediately changed his attitude when he saw Horace. He walked over to greet Horace, “Mr. Jason, I’ve been admiring you. I’m…”

Horace looked askance at him, but the gentleness that he always wore disappeared. He pulled Stella out of the lobby.

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The Conrad family is far more complicated than you’ve imagined. And Clarence is not suitable

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figure it out. She asked, “Stella, what the hell is going on? I can’t get in touch with Channing. What I learned from the school

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