Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 60: Beat Him to Death and End it

“Please don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. I’ll get you a good price.”

Channing nodded. “Thank you.”

The manager of Twilight Club said, “You are welcome. But, Channing, don’t you think it’s not worthy?”

“Not at all. Comparing to this, I need the money more eagerly right now.”

The manager heaved a sigh. “Okay. I’ll resolve this matter for you as soon as possible.”

Channing hummed and then strode away.

The manager turned around and saw a man standing nearby. He hurriedly walked over, “Hi, Mr. Conrad.”

Clarence was wearing a white shirt only, standing there calmly with one hand in his pocket. He looked in the direction where Channing left and asked in a super flat tone, “Why does he need money?”

The manager still remembered that Channing used to hit Clarence, cold sweat oozing on his forehead. However, he could only answer, “It seems that something happened in his family.”

“How much does he need?”

“A million...”

Clarence snorted. He had almost forgotten that the Radomil family was always greedy for money. One million was the smallest amount they asked for.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, the manager felt that his heart jumped into his throat. “Well, Mr. Conrad, if there’s nothing else, may I go back to my work please?”


After the manager was gone, Vincent walked out aside. “Why didn’t you ask him what happened?”

Lifting his foot, Clarence left. He answered without any expression, “Not interested.”

Walking out of Twilight Club, Clarence received a call from an unknown number.

Rubbing between his brows, he swiped to answer. From the other end of the line, he heard Stella’s cautious voice, “Hello, Mr. Conrad. Am I interrupting?”

“Go ahead.”

“I...” Stella hesitated for a long time and couldn’t finish her words.

soon as she heard Clarence’s cold voice, she

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was taken aback. “What?

you want? One million? Or

didn’t mean it. I

have I given you a wrong impression that you could come to ask

Stella fell into the silence. She didn’t

flat tone, “I’ve fucked you so

hoarse tone,

didn’t. It’s useless if

words, Clarence hung

than two minutes, Nathan, who was scratching his hair, received a message from Clarence, asking

wondering if Mr. And Mrs. Conrad


her hand, Stella was sitting

because she wanted to ask him if she could delay

eaten the gunpowder. Before she could finish her

her mind to mistake that

As expected, she couldn’t reach him. After sending him a text message,

at home for three days, Stella received a call from Jeffrey who talked to her on a landline phone. He said anxiously and delightfully,

Come to get

do you live now? I can go to see

money yet. Come tomorrow.

said, “Okay. Okay. See you tomorrow

in the mood to waste any word on him, so she directly hung up the

day, as soon as Stella walked out, she

said, “I’ll

can’t act recklessly. No matter what happens, don’t fight with

“I know.”

had arrived at the appointed place, Adolph had been

in, Adolph stood up and asked, “Have you

pulled out a bank card. “All in

was about to reach out and take it, she said, “Wait.

a frown, Adolph asked, “Do you want to trick

of us here. What trick

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