Moon Warriors

Chapter 48 The Interrogated Monarch!

When Andrew arrived at the bottom of the rotten building, the policewoman shouted sternly, “Stop! Put down the woman and raise your hands!”

Andrew disdained dealing with these police officers, but the environment that he was in now wasn’t a battlefield, so he had to abide by the laws of this world. Even if it wasn’t for himself, then also for the sake of Emily Clark that was in his arms.

“Send her home.” Andrew didn’t raise his hands but approached the police officers step by step instead.

The policewoman sent an officer forward to pick up Emily, and then she took out her handcuffs and handcuffed Andrew.

When the policewoman touched Andrew’s cold hands, she couldn’t help but shiver herself. Were these still hands of a human?

But out of profession, she didn’t think too much about it.

“Come, follow me upstairs!” The policewoman waved her hand and ran up the rotten building.

When they arrived upstairs, many of the police officers were shocked by the scene in front of them.

Some of the more timid female police officers were scared straight away to the point of crying.

Ashley Hudson was dead, scared to death. And it looked horrible.

In Emily’s home.

“Mary, what’s going on with Emily? How could something like that happen? That goddammed Ashley Hudson, in vain that we even trusted him so much before. I never thought that he would do such a thing.” Rosa Martin’s tears were falling down as she said.

Mary Harvey said with tears on her face, “I’m sorry Rosa, it’s all my fault!”

Rosa raised her hand to wipe the tears hanging at the corner of her eyes. Thinking of Emily who was sent home by the police last night, with the clothes on her whole body all torn up, she couldn’t help but to feel heartbroken. How could she not be heartbroken when something like this happened to her own daughter, who she depended on for life.

“Don’t worry, Rosa. Emily will be fine.” Natalia Bates stood by the side and comforted.

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didn’t expect for such a big incident to happen in just a few days after he arrived in

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name and waking up from her dream, Emily snapped open her eyes and sat up on the bed at once. Several anxious and restless people were sitting in

death, Emily! Tell me why did this happen? You didn’t get bullied, right?” Rosa’s eyes were teary and placed her hands on Emily’s arms as she

in shame,

and said, “I’m fine,

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clasped her hands and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Emily. I really didn’t know that would happen and it’s

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touched her head, then asked,

Rosa wanted to say something but


immediately asked after her, “Mom, what happened to Andrew? Could it be that what had happened last night was true? Did Andrew really go to that place to save me? I knew it must

words pierced Natalia’s heart, he coughed twice and said, “Andrew was taken

Those words were like a thunderstorm


them fell silent after hearing those

“Mary, what happened?’

Mary didn’t speak.

Rosa, and she also had her

what happened,

for a moment and said, “Ashley Hudson is dead, killed by

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