Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 16: Reuntied and It Feels So Good

Landons outfit^^

"Good morning monkey." I stretch and turn over, whining as Ethan lifts me up. "I know, I know but daddy needs to figure things out with Declan so we have a big long day." He lays me down on the changing table and starts to undress me. "Ah so you did need that diaper huh?" He chuckles as I blush. "I'm sorry.. I didn't even realize." He changes me and rubs some baby lotion on my stomach. "It's alright bud that's what there there for, daddy knows best." I giggle as he rubs the lotion in. I guess he was right. My body's become dependant on diapers. I'm guessing it has to do with all that medication Kaylee gave me. Ethan puts me in a white shirt with a star on it, some blue pants and white vans. "Alright little guy let's go figure out this Declan situation, my boy must be terrified."

Ethan, or daddy, gives me a ziplock bag of cherrios and buckles me in the back seat. "Where are we going?" I look up and ask as Ethan drives into the main part of town. "Poilce station bud, daddys got to talk to some officers okay?" I nodd my head and look out the window, this is all my fault, I ruined so many people's lives just by being so selfish. Anyone would react the same way though right? I mean who would just be calm and collected after being kidnapped? I argue wih myself for another 15 minutes before we pull into the precinct. "Stay here bud, the doors are locked and the air is on, be a good boy and listen to the radio." I nodd my head and smile. Ethan gives me a thumbs up and walks in.

of the parking lot. "Can you believe it? They don't believe I know Declan!" I look down and sigh. "This

stomach twist and my eyes start to burn. "No please! I'll find you one!" He smiles and pulls into her drive way. "I can't afford anyone else monkey, I have no time to waste." He unbuckles he seat belt and jumps out. "You can stay here, I promise I'll be right out." I watch Ethan knock on the

my door. "Are we going now? Please daddy?" I looked up at him teary eyed and shaky. "No bud, We need to talk." I gulp as he picks me up and brings me into the place I tried to escape from more times than I can count. "Ethan no! Ethan please! Daddy please!" Ethan sets me down and that same boy walks over to me. I hate him. I hate everything about him! I sink to the floor next to Ethans leg and cover my face. "Did you call him daddy?" I ignore my new found enemy and keep my gaze at the floor. "That's my daddy!" The boy giggles and I look up. "Declan?" He nodds and reaches for Ethan. "But you.." I narrow my eyebrows at the two. "He dyed his hair." I turn my head and see Kaylee standing over me. "Well we dyed his hair." I went to say something but Kaylee cut me off. "After your escape stunt, he was arrested, after bringing you back to campus I had bailed him out but they wouldn't drop the charges, so we dyed his hair, this way he isn't as noticeable to police eyes." I look around and see Declan and Ethan cuddling. "He looks so.." Ethan chuckles. "Different? You're telling me! I didn't even notice my boy yesterday, black hair is a good look for him though." Declan giggles and Kaylee kneels down to

breathing* "I think I miss Kaylee.." *sobbing* "I was a terrible boyfriend and now I'm a terrible little boy."

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