Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 15: A Daddy?

"What are you doing off campus Landon?" I look at the boy, then to Kaylee then back to the boy. "I uh sorry." is all I could mutter out. My chest hurts and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I turn around and jog down her drive way before my emotions could spill out. How could she replace me so fast? How could she replace me at all? "Landon wait!" I keep going and hit into Ethans chest.

"What's wrong buddy?" I shake my head and let it all out into Ethans arms. I could not stop crying if my life depended on it. "Who's she carrying?" I look over and see Kaylee walking down the driveway. "Take me back to campus." Ethan goes to say something when I squeeze him tighter. "Please." He nodds his head and places me in the passenger seat. I lean my head against the window as my tears fall. "Landon!" Kaylee runs to the car and I tell Ethan to drive fast. I look behind me and watch Kaylees image fade, just as fast as she faded out of my life.

huge house. It looked pretty familiar. I think I've seen it before on my way to Declans. Oh shit Declan. I hope he's okay I have to go and- "Alright buddy were gonna crash here for tonight, don't worry my parents are out of town." I go to get out when

closet. "Here we go." He smiles and pulls out a dinosaur sleeper with tags still attached. "These used to be my little boys, I guess he doesn't need them now." He looked so sad, how could anyone hurt a guy like Ethan? He lays me down and starts to undress me. "Um Ethan." He shushes me and rubs my stomach "You've had a rough day, just let daddy take care of you." I blush as he lifts me up and places something under my butt. It's that oh so familiar feeling. "Ethan I don't need a diaper." He smiles and shakes his head as he tapes it up and zippers up the sleeper. "Little boys always need protection, you're bodies too use to them now anyway" I blush hard as he lifts me up and

on his lap so I'm facing him. "I'd prefer daddy little one." He

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