Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 10: Run Mason

"There's my little boy!" I look up from playing with Rex and see her. Kaylee. "Mommy missed you so much cutie!" She picks me up and kisses all over my face. "Get off Kaylee!" She smirks and puts me back down.

"Here's a new play mate for you baby boy!" I look up and see my best friend. My brother. The one who I got into this. "Mason?" He sits next to me, sucking on a green pacifier, looking down at the grass. "What'd.. What'd she do to you?" He looks up at me with tears in his eyes and shakes his head. "I..I don't want to talk about it." He looks back down and Rex comes over to him before I can say anything else.

and squeeze it for comfort. "Why you sad Mas?" Rex sits next to him and rubs his back, making Mason flinch. "This is his first day as a baby." Rex nodds his head in understanding and hands Mason a toy car. "Here you can play with us."

on my wrist. "You wearing it?! Yay!" He giggles and

matter honey?" I slowly move away from Mason. "Landy tripped me!" He starts to cry and Stella picks him up. "Aw baby I'm sure he didn't mean it." I crawl towards them more. "Landon come here right now." Cindy comes over to me and brings me to the bench where Rex is. "Landon what happened to Rex?" I pretend to cry and that's Rex's cue. "It's okay mommy it no hurt anymore. Can I has juice?" Stella puts him down and turns around to get Rex a juice box, leaving Rex to go under the bench and find Kaylees keys. Cindy and I may have walked here but Kaylee and Mason didn't. I keep 'crying' and grabbing at Kaylee and Cindy, making the distraction last longer. "Landon what's wrong honey? What's the matter?" Rex quickly puts the keys in my

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