Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 8: Running and Running

The knocks on the door get louder..

I hear some more hard knocks on the door.

I slowly roll off the couch and crawl towards the window. "Shoot!" There's police cars covering the street.

I hear an officer yell something through the door. I see the locks on the door start to shake as the knocks turn into kicks. I take a deep breath and run up the stairs.

"Declan! Wake the up!" I jump on him and shake him fast.

"Need a diaper chang-" He goes to laugh when I pull him off the bed. "Screw you! Cops are here!" His face drops and he slips on his shoes.

We start making our way down the stairs and out the back door. We bolt. We hear footsteps and I run faster,


I hear Declan scream behind me.

"Declan!" I can see him being tackled and handcuffed from the corner of my eye.

I jump the fence and head to the woods. Lucky for me Declan lives right behind an abandoned playground. It's all tall grass, over grown trees and vines. We used to practically live here when we were kids.

Some how when we grew up, so did the park, no one kept up with it. We were the last kids in the neighborhood for a while, so now it's just a memory.

I run through broken branches and feel my legs getting cut up by thorns, I hide inside a broken tree trunk to catch my breath. I close my eyes and hope it's a dream. I got to go back and help Dec, but how? I hear the crunching of old leaves and branches in a distant. No. They really followed me in here?

I'm just trying to go home, I'm not some murderer. I close my eyes tight when I hear the footsteps getting closer. it

*beep beep beep*

My phones low battery warning starts to go off. "Shut up please shut up." I take my phone out and press the speaker against my chest, hoping to muffle the beeps.

can already feel my hands being placed in cuffs. I hold my

head back, well call in a

lessen and now all I hear is faint sirens and

so close." I slowly get up and make my

It's pitch black and I can't place where I am. I start to walk towards the white

we'd walk towards the park and eat lunch. It was only a short

the middle of sophomore year when they found that body. I guess that's

I jump down and fall into the gymnasium. I let out a groan from pain. I forgot what a long fall

my back when I hear footsteps. Really? Am I safe no

to run when I look up and


the alarms!"

oops?" I punch

a runaway!" He covers my mouth and

okay? I didn't


grabs my shirt

quiet I'm serious!" I close my mouth and he pulls

tried to help you okay? They're looking for me too, I don't know how but they figured it out." I lay my head back and sigh.

Kaylee, why

how we picked the

eyebrows at him

"Yeah, best friends think

in silence for a bit, before I know it were both asleep, all that running and adrenaline can really

while I jump up when I hear a noise. I shake Mason

Are they


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