Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge

Chapter 7: Freedom

I stand up and begin working on the cover of the crib. The lock starts to open and I lift the top off. I slowly climb down and lightly put my feet on the floor. I feel like a secret agent, or an inmate trying to break free, come to think of it I relate more to the second analogy.

I tip toe my way to the door and start fidgeting with the two locks above me. I look to the side of the lock and stick the screw driver in. I pull it out and it gets stuck on something. "Dammit what-.."

I look closer and its the Batman bracelet. I stop what I'm doing and lean against the door.

"What if I do this and never see Rex again?" I shake my head of my thoughts and get back to the locks. I break open the first one and I'm working on the second.

"Almost there." I open the door as slowly as I can, making sure not a single creek escapes it.

I slip on my shoes. MY shoes the one's I haven't worn since I've been here.

I tip toe out into the hall and sit on the top step, If I walk down the stairs she'll definitely hear me, I start slidding my self down the stairs on my butt.

"Man I haven't done this since I was eight, trying to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight cookie." I smile to myself and crawl to the front door once I reach the bottom. "Freedom here I come."

I undo the locks on the front door.

leaving? Thought we

I hear

myself. I look around a second time for good measure before bolting out the door. The alarm goes off and

my buddy Mason, didn't think that part through huh?" I run

I've never moved my

do this to me. I lean over and try to get some air in

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can up Declan's driveway and pound on the door. "Declan! Man open up it's Landon!" Declan opens the door rubbing his

"Dude it's like 3 in the morning what th

push him in and slam

lean against the door trying to catch my breath.

you're good." I peek out the window and see a dark empty street. I sigh a breath of relief and throw myself

do they come in my size too?" He laughs throwing

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