Chapter 1453 

Upon hearing Adam's words, the supervisor changed color involuntarily.He had only confronted Adam just now in a fit of rage.

But now, Adam's words reminded him that even though he had been fired, Adam still had a lot of incriminating evidence against him.

If Adam were to hold him accountable for what he had done, he would be in trouble.

With a forced smile on his face, he quickly replied, "Y- You've got the wrong idea, Chairman.I didn't mean it.I…I”.

Adam waved his hand immediately.

"Just save your breath and say whatever you have to say to your attorney!" he said before shooting a glance at the man next to him.

"Call the police."

The man immediately took out his phone and called the police.

Nearly wetting himself from fright, the supervisor hurriedly threw himself at the man in an attempt to stop him.

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Adam nodded slowly.

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