"She is better off without me" he says numbly, its as if he drilled that sentence into his brain.

"No she is not you fool! You are not only hurting yourself but your mate too. I am not saying that when you go to her she will run into your open arms because she is hurt. You hurt her and you will have to work for her forgiveness but it will be totally worth it at the end" I say looking at him in the eye.

He was about to say something but I feel someone trying to mind link me so I held my index finger up to him and took down the barrier I had put when we left because I didn't want to be bothered.

As soon as I dropped the barrier I felt Maddox anger through the mate bond.

'Yes?' I ask happily through the mind link.

'Where the fuck are you Jayda? I just got out of the meeting, hoping to see my mate then I find out that she has been out all day with another guy" he growls out making me roll my eyes.

'I am actually hanging out with Ian. I'll be back in a bit. Take care babe' I chirp and before he can reply, out my barriers up.

I hated mind link. It gave me a headache afterwards because I wasn't used to it.

I turn to Ian. "It was Maddox" I state.

"I kind of figured when you rolled your eyes" he says with a laugh.

"Yeah well, he isn't very happy at the moment" I say with a small laugh. I could feel Maddox trying to break the barrier but I ignored it.

"Yeah, I also figured he would be really pissed when he found out you were with me" Ian says.

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