Jayda's POV

Today we would be going to visit another pack, we were suppose to go there earlier but since Maddox and I were having problems he decided to go today.

I decided to really think about the situation with Jayson and my father before doing anything. I will probably talk to him soon but first I need to get my mind straight because right now I am having mixed emotions.

Jayson is an amazing kid and I am so happy he is my brother but the way he was born, how he cheated on my mom. And not just that, how his mate must've felt on having her soulmate going to another family every night while she had to sleep alone. I kind of feel for Karen, I don't know what I would do if Maddox ever did that to me.

So I just decided to have fun and enjoy the trip with Eli and Nikki while Maddox works his ass off.

So here I was packing a little bag since we were spending the next 2 says at the other pack. I i packed some shorts and jeans and some shirts. I wasn't going to bring something fancy for no reason. I could just wear shorts to the BBQ.

Suddenly My door swings open making me jump.

Ellie and Nikki walk in as if they own the place and lay down and Maddox and I's bed.

"Guys, you didn't even say hi to me" I say with a frown.

They both roll their eyes at me.

"Are you ready? Maddox is waiting in his office" Nikki says.

"Almost" I say going to the bathroom and getting my toothbrush.

"Well hurry up, my brother is not really patient and Alpha Byron's territory is like 5 hours away on car" Nikki says snuggling to my pillow.

It was 7am, we had woken up at 6 because Maddox wanted us to be there early.

I look towards Eli to see her already sleeping.

I sling my bag on my shoulder walk towards the door.

"C'mon, I am ready" I say with a yawn, grabbing a little blanket and walk out the door.

Nikki shout at Eli to wake up and Then a loud thump, signaling that

and walk to Maddox office, I am too tired to pay

snap to the door with a glare. When he sees its me he rolls his

a gentle smile and motions

so he is cradling me, in some kind of fetus position while on his lap. I bury my face in the crook of his neck and close my eyes. I relax in his arms and was about to fall asleep when I hear loud voices

you heard of knocking?" Maddox snaps and Nikki rolls her

knock" she says simply. Then adds "Did

everyone so They'll leave me alone" before he gently grabs hold of my waist and stands me

head against the wall and snuggle the blanket making Eli burst

you are still sleepy?" Eli

mutter remembering how I stayed up all night thinking about Jayson and My father. I think I am

couldn't you sleep?" Nikki

"I was thinking

"What stuff?" She presses.

going to stay here talking or

nods and grabs

other then they both yell "Shotgun!" And sprint down the

walks calmly behind me and when we get to his truck we hear Nikki and Eli arguing over who would ride in the passenger

I don't know what made you think I would let you sit beside me when Jayda is here, its fucking common sense" he says as if he were talking to 5

in the back seats and I lazily open the passenger door and

sideways so my head is resting

I hear Eli's voice. "Turn on

"No" he simply says.

I am bored" She

is tired so

sleep with the music

are some headphones somewhere get your phone and use them because I am not turning the radio on"

about me? I want to

alone, I do not

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