Jayda's POV

I smile in excitement, I can't believe We are going skating.

"So I assume you know how to skate?" I ask Maddox while walking beside him.

"You assume wrong, I have never been skating before but how hard can it be? We just put on some type of weird shoes with wheels and we roll around the shiny floor" he shrugs and gives me a small smile.

"Its not that easy Maddox" I say with a giggle.

He waves me off, "I am pretty sure it is"

He opens the door to the skating place and motions me in with a cheeky smile.

I blush and walk in.

There are about 4 people before us in line so we wait patiently behind them.

"Sooo" I trail off, "what else will we be doing in this date?" i ask him with a smile.

He pinches my cheek making me swat his hand away "I will go with the most cliché line ever" he starts then says "That is for me to know and for you to find out" he winks and goes to the ticket desk that that was signaling us forward.

There was a girl about 16 there with a smile on her face.

"Hello, is anyone else coming or is it just you two?" She asks sweetly, I don't miss the way her eyes stay on Maddox longer than necessary.


20 dollars" she says and Maddox hands her the

asks us while putting some kind of neon paper

"Whats yours?" Maddox asks.


he says and

I ask with a

I will be as awesome at skating

decide to ignore what he said and just laugh when he

we open the door we saw that the lights were dimmed and there were disco lights everywhere, also music was playing. The rinks were divided in two.

drags us to the advance section making me roll

of times so I just sat there waiting

baby, watch and lear-" Maddox gets cut off because as soon as he sets his foot in the rink he falls face first. He stays on the floor for about 5 seconds and then slowly starts getting up, his fore head is red and he has a scowl

Skating" he says gruffly making

God!! This is hilarious! i told you, i freaking told you that you would fall but you didn't believe me" I say with tears

he mumbles and hold onto some bars

want to go

but he somehow got

he says and ever so slowly moves forwards.

even suppose to do over here?" Maddox

dummy" I say grabbing hold of his

fuck Jayda, we are going to fall" he

me here

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