"Carson, I told him that we broke up and the reasons why we did, he is my boyfriend now and I don't want to hide anything from him" I tell Carson softly.

"Too late for that" Maddox mumbles making me sigh.

"Foods here" the cheerful waitress says as she starts setting out plates in front of us.

"Anything else?" She asks oblivious to the tension in the table, she tries to get Maddox attention but he is too mad to notice.

The waitress puts her hand on Maddox shoulder "Do you want something handsome?"

"No! I don't fucking want anything and be professional, stop trying to get me to notice you. I don't want you" Maddox growls making her flinch.

"I am sorry" she mumbles and runs off with tears in her eyes.

"Stop being such a mad-ox, you made the poor girl cry" Nikki says frowning and Ellie nods in agreement.

(A/N thanks for the idea of the mad-ox thing @rose-jacky )

"I think she deserved it" I say shrugging and Ellie rolls her eyes.

wanting to snap at the girl since you first saw her" she says


food in awkward silence, Nikki and Ellie


soon as I saw him I knew he was a werewolf, he has the distinct

be taking the rest of your

I say quickly,


"I'll be right back"

comes back with the check and puts it on the table, both Carson and Maddox reach for the check but Maddox is faster

paying" Carson says

am" Maddox says looking at the check then puts in on

the check and

money to the waiter at

is paying?" The waiter asks looking

Maddox and Carson say in unison then glare at each

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