(A/N amazing fan art on the side made by @Beauticide)

Jayda's POV

I am so fucking unlucky!

How the hell did Maddox find out I was here?

I take a deep breath before I start hyperventilating.

Maddox is standing there in all his handsome glory with a sweet smile but his eyes looked deadly.

"Who are you?" Carson asks, while puffing his chest out and glaring at Maddox.

"Maddox Franco, I am Jayda's boyfriend. And you are?" Maddox says holding out his hand for Carson to shake.

"Carson Stevenson" he says and starts shaking it only to wince when Maddox grip tightens.

I look to my right side to see Ellie is trying to hold in her laughter. Her eyes showing how amused she was of the whole situation.

I roll my eyes, she will never change. She always laughs when other people are miserable . I give her a dirty look and turn towards Nikki.

Now, I was expecting Nikki to have the same horrified look I had plastered on my face but she was looking down at her hand guiltily.

"U-um Maddox what a-are you doing her-e?" I stutter making his smile widen.

"Well my dear girlfriend, when you left I decided on joining you and the girls." He states simply then turns to Carson. "Are you waiting for somebody else? A date perhaps? Because Jayda is not the only one with a boyfriend. Ellie and Nikki are also taken. And they are tough guys, they aren't chill like me. If they saw you here they would surely get the wrong impression and think you are trying to take their woman away" Maddox says with a pointed look and drags a chair from another table and puts it in between Nikki and I.

"No, we came here as friends" Carson says with a scowl.

Maddox hums an answer and starts looking at the menu. Ellie finally burst out laughing.

"Maddox, I swear this is not what it looks like I well, you see-" I start whispering in his ear but he quickly cuts me off.

he mumbles without

him straight in the eye while putting his arm around my

pissed at me

am stil in college so I can't work"

who study and work" Maddox points out then adds bluntly "It's not that you can't but that you are too

me?" Carson says with

me I hurt your feelings? Like seriously I am saying the truth and we all know it" Maddox says with a

Karla and I'll be your waitress this evening. Can I offer you guys something to drink?" Says A young waitress dressed in a white button up shirt,

call her pretty if she wasn't eyeing my mate as if he were a piece of meat. But

Ellie, Nikki and

the ladies to order first.

Nikki, Ellie and I say

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sprite" Carson mumbles. The waitress turns

her eyelashes at my

oblivious to the fact that the girl has the hots

"Uhh, aren't you going to ask for my ID?"

man enough for me" she winks at him squeezing his bicep once then

I wasn't panning many ways to kill the waitress I would've laughed. His expression was as if he

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what you will be eating?"

to us "What you girls

want a lasagna please" Ellie says smiling

is it

dishes combine a meat,

that" I say

want a just want spaghetti and meatballs" Nikki


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