Marked By The Billionaire

Chapter 9: Being Touched

The nurse was half a head taller than Lucy and when she stretched out her arms, she put the blindfold directly on Lucy’s head.

Her long hair sweeping her cheek was very itchy, and the nurse holding her was not very gentle. She couldn’t tell if it was either deliberate strength or natural power.

Lucy scolded her in secret, and had to reach out her other hand to adjust her hair.

As she adjusted her hair, a small slit in the blindfold opened up in front of her.

Lucy looked forward, and there was a luxurious, large bed placed across from a white screen outside.

A bed like this looked far more at home in a hotel than a hospital.

The expert was exclusive. To her surprise, she might enjoy such treatment.

Lucy saw the nurse stop and hurry to pull her blindfold down.

The nurse stretched her arms forward and touched a soft area.

“This is the examination area. Please take off your shoes.”

Lucy carefully moved to the bedside and sat down. It was much softer than she imagined.

“Take off your shoes and lay down well.”

She was dressed in a flowery dress, with a delicate brooch.

She had dressed like this because she was going to have to negotiate with someone at work today. The other party was one of the medical institutions on the list, a big client.

The manager worked overtime every day, and the next day he would come relatively late. Lucy wanted to check quickly, so she might be able to catch up. She stretched out her hand to pull her zipper behind her, without any hesitation.

As she pulled down the dress zipper, a piece of her hair got stuck inside, and she felt a pain on her scalp.

The nurse might have still been inside. Lucy could not see, but she still turned her head habitually.