Marked By The Billionaire

Chapter 5: Bad couples

Opening her eyes, and she found there was a white ceiling over her head. She could smell the distinct smell of the hospital in her nose. The private room was large and there were televisions and magazine shelves opposite the bed.

She had meant to only get a check-up at the hospital, but she unexpectedly ended up in a bed.

A young nurse put pills on her bedside table when she saw her wake up.

“Miss Lin, it’s nothing serious, you can go to complete the discharging forms tomorrow.”

Lucy had a glance at the black pills.

She hated staying at the hospital and eating pills.

“You were claustrophobic. Remember to carry a micro flashlight in case this kind of emergency happens again, it’s not all the time that you will meet as warmhearted a person as William George.

Lucy got annoyed by herself, for a warmhearted person would not violate her when an elevator broke down.

Such a ‘warmhearted’ person she would rather never meet again in her life.

When she mentioned William, the nurse was full of delight and admiration in her face. “Have a rest again and then eat the pills, you will be okay.”

Lucy did not notice the change in the nurse’s expressions, and stared at the ceiling in silence, the fact was that he had abused her.

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