Marked By The Billionaire

Chapter 3: The Elevator

The man had a cold face, but it was long, thin and handsome, and looked remarkable in his sharp suit.

It was nearly the same as the ascetic idol that she had encountered in college.

The elevator doors closed, and the man stepped into the lift with his long legs. Afterwards, she felt a sense of oppression.

She couldn’t help taking two steps back, wanting to stay away from the man, who might be dangerous.

The man suppressed a smile and had a glance at Lucy’s neck without any change on his face, but failed to see the hickeys hidden under her silk scarf.

Somehow, Lucy felt that the man had glanced at her unwittingly. When glancing back at him from the corner of her eyes, she could see the side of his face, handsome and perfect.

She might have felt guilty, because did not take a shower after her one-night stand last night, and looked down to sniff at her clothes. She was lucky, for there was nothing else except for the faint smell of perfume

She might have been overthinking it. It was impossible that such a handsome man had an interest in looking at her.

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