Marked By The Billionaire

Chapter 11: We Can Go to my Houe to Do it.

“You are not allowed to act like this here in the police station!”

Lucy turned around and got angry with the policeman who verified the evidence. “I can’t act like this? I think you tampered with my recording after taking a bribe!”

Then the policeman suddenly became furious and shouted. “Shut up! I’ll arrest you if you say that again!”

Lucy was completely incredulous, and she believed there was something fishy behind this!

The policeman felt wronged. He played the file on the phone, then amplified it with another device to make sure it didn't go wrong.

But there was nothing but noise, and he had never received any bribe at all.

William wore a well-tailored hand-made suit, which looked extremely expensive. In addition, he had a famous lawyer beside him, so he was definitely not just an ordinary person.

Miss Lucy guessed so because there were countless sons of officials and rich second generations in New York.

But the policeman said, “Miss Green, we are sorry about the result, but we hope that you can be rational.”

He paused for a while and then continued, “And we also questioned the nurses and doctors present at the time. They all said that Dr. William George just performed a regular exam to you. He conducted no indecency. Maybe you were too sensitive because it was a breast examination.”

He stressed the word “breast”.

Lucy flew into a rage, saying, “Was it necessary to pinch and touch me during a breast examination? And to molest me with words? He even restrained my hands!”

Lucy put out her hands, and her wrists were a little red and swollen.

“Look, it’s impossible for me to take turns to pinch my hands myself!”

The policewoman agreed more with Lucy. It seemed that she wasn’t just pretending to be so furious.

“The bruises...” The policeman came over and said, “Can’t be regarded as evidence.”

which could only be seen up close, be regarded as

Lucy grabbed William's

did you tamper

never touched her cell phone, but her woman’s intuition told her that

evidence?” Asked

serious, saying, “Miss Green, if you don’t let go,

“Accuse me of slander?”

spend the night in jail if she did something improper, so she quickly stopped her and said, “Miss Green, the breast examination was different from the routine one indeed, so maybe it’s because you are too sensitive. And you’re in the police

be surmised from the fact that the director had called her to handle it properly. The director’s tone over the phone had been

against William,

Lucy. Her first reaction was that the policewoman had been bribed by William too. “I’m sensitive? I was injured! Tell

at all, there is no sign of obscenity on your

evidences the most, and they don’t care what reporters say or what the victim

and jumped on him after pushing the

was thrown on the ground by

knees between William’s legs and seized him by the neck with her snow-white hands. Her slender arms indicated that she wasn’t very

had been very worried and now had his heart in his mouth. He pointed at Lucy with his

injured, there would be a real accident. So she hurriedly said, “Miss Green, please calm

all. Instead, he stared at Lucy’s eyes and said dryly, “What do you want to do?” He straightened his

even acted indecently

wanted to

Lucy, come down

away but she got rid of their hands, saying, “I’ll teach him a

His face

glances, planning to

lifted his arm to hold Lucy

raised his face, whispering to Lucy’s ear, “We can go to my house to

with rage. “You…you…you!”

suggested going to my house! Then why don’t

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