Marked By The Billionaire

Chapter 10: Calling the Police

Lucy Green was very angry and thought: Had he given me a chance? Since the first time we met in the lift, he has taken advantage of every time!

I gave him a chance and didn't call the police, but why did he say I failed to appreciate his kindness?

“Damn it! If you don’t let me go, I will definitely kill you!” Lucy yelled, with her furious eyes staring at William George.

“Then just kill me. Isn’t it better to be killed by a beauty?” William said with a smile and a tone of ridicule.

William slipped his fingertips from Lucy’s chest to her collarbone and then to her chin. He pinched her chin so forcefully that she was forced to raise her head, and her hot gasps filled the air. “You should be punished since you have provoked me,” said William.

Lucy took a breath, and her chest trembled. William saw her red n*****s move.

“I haven’t provoked you! It’s because you’re too full of lust and want to sleep with every woman you meet. You probably have syphilis and your brain has been affected by it as well!”

William couldn’t help but staring at the red cherries on her chest.

Lucy was furious after noticing his perverted eyes.

But her wrists were restrained so she couldn’t cover her private parts.

“You dirty man! I’ll let you see more since you want to so badly!” Lucy said and swelled out her chest.

William squinted his eyes slightly, and loosened his grip a little because he wanted Lucy’s bosoms a lot higher up.

Lucy noticed her wrists weren’t held as hard, and now she had the chance. She pulled her arm out of his grasp, and slapped William in the face.

William had no time to respond or evade.

Both William and Lucy were stunned by the loud slap.

William didn’t expect that this woman would slap him so hard, while Lucy hadn’t expected to have hit him in the face so effectively.

backwards two steps and stared at Lucy, which made her shiver from

and said, “I’m not afraid of you! I’ll not only slap you, I’ll also call

said and turned to the sink to wash his

to herself: “Why are you pretending to have germophobia by washing your hand after touching my breasts? It’s your

away, and

over the phone, “Hello, this is New York Police Department. How can I

a breast examination at the central hospital, and I was just molested by a so-called

was sweating in the office on the top floor of the New York Police Headquarters. He couldn’t believe that such

was a woman who called the

later, he would need to give special treatment

the director be

her oral confession, Lucy was sitting on the bench in the corridor of the

to be worried. She had left her cell phone on at the clinic, so their conversations

a human testimony and physical evidence, so even if he was the President’s son, it would be

said in a calm voice, “You can watch me

you won’t be so calm

Let’s wait and see.” Said William with

difficult. The despicable and shameless man looked so

proud of herself. She was willing

but a middle-aged man who

straight in the direction

William and bowed.

to Lucy. She stared at him for a while and suddenly thought of a famous case in the news,

of a feather flock together, so surely Mr. George Junior is not a good person either!”

glanced at Lucy and said, “Even if you didn't come, there’s

that there isn’t law and justice in New York.” She squinted her eyes, looking like a small cunning fox.

wanted to say, Lucy turned her back to William, and focused on the laws

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