Marked By The Billionaire

Marked By The Billionaire

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Chapter 11: We Can Go to my Houe to Do it.

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The first time they met, they had sex. The second time they met, her whole body was touched by him. She had angrily called the police to accuse this arrogant hooligan of sexual molestation, but the result was they ended up getting married.

The “hooligan” turned out to be William George, who was a famous oncologist in New York. This was so different from what she had expected! Fortunately, he was tall, handsome, rich and a great lover. She had no regrets, but of course there were some complications…

Hi, my dear readers, my new book: Mr. CEO's Timed Bride is updating, here is the blurb, hope you like it:

She should know she just his mistress,
She should know he had fiancee,
She should know he was hurt deeply by her five years ago,
She also had an unmentionable secret, she didn’t know who was her son’s father.
Although she couldn’t help loving him, after the expiration of the three-year mistress contract, she decided to leave him.
Would he retain her?


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