Lovely Baby Came to Me

Chapter 33 Asking for A Trouble

At 10:00am, the general manager Monty as well as some management, were standing at the gate of Excellent Company’s office to welcome the on-site team from Gardner Group.

All the management level of Excellent Company paid attention to the chance of acquisition; they were well-dress today to wait for the team.

Soon, four to five Audi cars were arriving in high speed and stopped at the gate.

Monty went to open the door of the first car with great respect.

The first one who got out of the car was the representative of Gardner Group, Robbie Gardner.

He was in a suit of stripe and a pair of extremely clean shoes, tall and handsome; he looked gentle and high-class, much outstanding among the folk.

The one following him was his fiancée Agnes.

She was well-dressed in luxurious brands and wore elegant make-up, appearing as an arrogant peacock.

But she would become lovely and warm as soon as looking at Robbie.

The other team members got off in succession to stand behind Robbie and Agnes.

Monty extended his hand to talk respectfully, “Mr. Gardner, welcome your team. I prepared some drink for you. This way, please.”

Robbie shook hand with Monty and smiled, “Thank you so much. We will be a family from tomorrow. Please kindly help us in the future.”

Monty was happy to hear it, “Sure, I will. That is my work. Come in please.”

He led the team to the office.

They were in the CEO office soon.