Loveless Marriage

Chapter 156  A Reach-me-down?

"Hi, Mr. Hnad."

Isabella politely shook her hand with him.

"Miss Jones, make yourself and your subordinates at home. They've been too polite just now." Jafari laughed heartily.

"I think it's because I was late just now and they were afraid to offend you. I'll tell them later." Isabella smiled lightly. 

Jafari then pointed at a group of young people chatting casually with each other, saying, "As expected, Miss Jones knows how to educate subordinates. My people are just like kids who don't know how to behave. Look at them, and you shouldn't make joke of me okay?"

"They're still young, and know what to do in different situations. I heard Mr. Hand is the most open-minded leader, while everyone in our department is scared of me."

Isabella smiled gracefully, while her tone sounded flattery. 

After that, she ordered John in front of Jafari: "Let them make friends as they want. Don't mind me."

John nodded and left.

Jafari's eyes flashed, and suddenly smiled at her: "Miss Jones, let those young people do what they want, let's go there and have a chat?"

Isabella had no reason to reject, but only nod politely: "Sure."

She was also in her twenties. Was she that old?

They then sat on a couch. 

Jafari waved his hand and a waiter brought them two glasses of wine.

Seeing this, Isabella's face slightly changed.  

Holding a glass in one hand, Jafari then handed her another one,  "Miss Jones."

Smiling, Isabella took the glass and clinked it. She then took a sip and put it down, "Mr. Hand, you can also go chat with them."

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