Loveless Marriage

Chapter 143 I Don't Need Your BodyGuard

After dinner, Isabella drove to Luke's apartment to get some Rachel's luggage. 

Although Luke's thought made her a bit shock, she made her heart clear. So she was much relieved now. 

As the car driving on the road, it was completely dark outside. 

Suddenly, Isabella's phone lit up, followed by a vibration sound.

Glancing at it, she continued to look forward and drive, as if she didn't intend to pick it up. 

However, after a few seconds, she still reached out and pressed down the answer button. 

Her tone was slightly annoyed. "Christian, do you really want me to blacklist you?"

"I don't disturb you at work, but why can't you answer my phone after work?" He said lightly, but she could clearly feel his discontent.