Love My Friends with Benefits

Chapter 12: I'll Show You

A short while after they walked into the shop, I could not resist following them. I saw one of the employees enthusiastically showing them a few top designs.

Seeing me walk in, another employee came up to me and smiled. "Hello, miss. Are you here to pick a wedding gown? You have a great figure, and we have a few designs that would really suit you."

I nodded. "I'll just take a look around."

Even as I spoke, my eyes were trained on Leonard and Phoebe's every move. Coincidentally, Leonard happened to catch sight of me when he turned around.

His face immediately darkened. It was as if he could predict that something bad would happen with my sudden appearance.

After taking a look around, Phoebe selected a floor-length gown and asked to try it on.

She followed the employee and turned to head into the fitting room when she saw me. She looked a little surprised.