Love My Friends with Benefits

Chapter 11: Confrontation in the Bridal Shop

After the introductions, we chatted over drinks. I could tell that May was trying her best to nudge Austin and I together, probably thinking so that I could use him to forget about all the unhappy things in my past.

Most of the conversation was drowned out by the deafening music, not that I was really paying attention. I just kept drinking.

Finally, I felt like I was drunk. Everything looked hazy to me, and I wanted to go home.

My car was parked at the bar's entrance, but there was no way I could drive.

When we exited the bar, May suggested that Austin send me home while she and the other guy had some time alone.

"I'll take you home..." Austin said to me.

"No, there's no need." I turned and staggered away.

I did not want to be with him. Though I was drunk, I knew that if I were to stay with Austin, something would definitely happen.