Love My Friends with Benefits

Chapter 9: I Will Eat You Up

However, I knew that I could not mention a single word to him.

I stood up and sneered. "Are you begging me, Leonard? If you are, don't you think you should at least look the part?"

"I'm warning you!" Leonard replied coldly.

I suppressed the bitterness welling up in me and forced myself to say calmly, "Doing all that just to warn me? Looks like your fiancée means a lot to you..."

"It's good that you know it."

However, when I thought about how he had only met up with Phoebe once during the few days that I had trailed him, and how they had not acted too affectionately, 

I could not help asking, "Do you love her a lot?"

"What do you think?"

I met his gaze before saying with a slight smile, "I suppose I should be happy for my sister, then. How lucky she is to be able to meet a wonderful man like your, Mr. Nell. It's such a shame that she'll be using something that I've discarded..."