“I just received a call from Atty. Sanders, and guess fucking what?”

My brother arched a brow. “Early in the morning, you greet with a curse. What is it that pissed you off again?”

I briefly closed my eyes. My jaw was still clenching. “River dropped the case.”

“And why the fuck did she do that without consulting us? I know you two fought, but I couldn’t think of any reasons to free that asshole.”

“I have one.”

“Care to share with the class.” I groaned at the voice of my sister behind me. “Because I couldn’t believe she shut me out. I should have been there with her at a time like this. What is it that you do that made her stay away from her friends? Where is she right now anyway?”

I slumped my ass to the chair in front of my brother. “I told her to stay away from me.”

I wasn’t expecting the reaction of my brother would be laughing his ass at me. “You’re the dumbest man I’ve ever met, Krew. I may not have the longest relationship like yours, but man—”

“Consider telling you’ve never been in the relationship, Kai,” Krys cut him.

“Fine. And how in the hell did it help you?”

I looked out of the massive glass window. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“This is certainly the right time to talk about everything, brother,” Krys demanded.

I huffed a breath. “I have to go.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” It was Krys’ demanding voice.

“Oh, please, try to stop me.”

Krys kicked me in the shin with her stilettos.

“Christ! Why did you do that?” I groaned in pain, rubbing my shin.

“Look, Krew. I may not be on board with your obsession over River, but I think no one could control your feelings over her or any situation. I learned to like her, and she’s a wonderful person. I love to see you happy. That’s what our father would do in the first place, for us—to see his children happy and successful. Let us help you.”

I gave him an uninterested look. “You missed the point. I told you that I already told her that I didn’t wanna see her again.”

“Do you really expect me to believe that it came from your heart? You’ve been in love with her for years. And going to see her father is not something or someone should do to help the old man other than the fact that he has my dad’s liver. You did it because you’re in love with his daughter. I mean, I admire your compassion. You have the kindest heart that Selik would be proud of, but you went there because of River as well. Did he approve of your relationship with his daughter?”

“Thanks for the peep talk, Kai, but we’re over. There’s nothing left to pick up. Consider this conversation did not happen.”

“You’re wrong. I just learned from Ally that you redo another room in your penthouse.”

I closed my eyes in irritation. “I just asked her for a piece of advice. She’s a personal shopper and not an interior designer. And that was before we broke up.”

“Ouch. Did you catch that flinch, Kai?” Krys gave a knowing look at my brother.