“Krew.” I barely heard myself saying his name. I was still processing that Krew helped my father got his life back, and now he was here chatting as if they were closed, making my brain cells dry.

“River,” he addressed me as if I was just a regular woman he met years ago.

“What are you doing here?” My throat constricted, making my voice come out small. I had so many questions I still wanted to ask him and Dad, but I doubted if I could get answers from him now that I was staring at him. I didn’t see any warmth other than endless dark through those gorgeous eyes.

“He always came to visit me at least once or twice a month,” it was Dad answered. My jaw dropped.

“I go to go, Brad. I have a flight to catch,” he said to my father. “Your tux will be delivered to you tomorrow. Call me if you need anything.”

“Wait. Can we talk?” I told Krew when he fixed the knitted scarf around his neck.

His exhalation was heavy. “About what?”

“Alone, please?”

He briefly closed his eyes before he stared at me. “You can say it with your dad around. I didn’t usually keep anything about you from him.”

Oh, god. I wanted to pull my hair out. It all now came together. And Krew was mad at me, but I was sure he would not answer to satisfy my curiosity if I would not have this chance. “Did you ever try telling me about my dad?”

“No. I thought it didn’t matter to you. He’s your dad. You were supposed to take care of him or knew if he needed your help. I would trade for anything to have my father back just for a minute to tell him how much I love him. Yet you gave up on him. I don’t blame you. Sometimes we made bad decisions. But good to know that it came now to your senses that you still have a family who dearly cares about you despite that you abandoned him.”

I felt like someone just slapped me in the face that my cheek burned so deep. “Why did you not tell me about those pictures?”

“I thought you trusted me, but for the second time, I ended up disappointed.”