Love Me in the Dark

20. The Greatest Escape


I threw all curses known to humans for the reason that I couldn’t just fire him. His wife just gave birth to their firstborn.

I was a little bit impressed if I was being honest. And I should have known that River would escape. I didn't see she had that in her. I guessed she was right. I didn’t know anything about River. I gave her credit for doing what she thought was the best for her.

All I wanted was what was best for her despite declining my offer. I had not told her anything, yet she was already running away. I should have been careful with my approach, but she didn’t even give me a chance to explain what I truly wanted and what secrets I had been keeping from her that either could change or jeopardize our relationship. Now she was gone.

Before she left to get her things, I could see the pain and disappointment in her eyes. That was why I decided to let her go, for now. Maybe she could think when she was far from me. When she was not carried away by our feelings. There were a lot of maybes. I regretted it, though. I regretted that I didn’t say goodbye to her, but I knew in my bones that it was far from over.

For the second time, my phone buzzed in less than thirty minutes. I knew the call was from Conner. I arrived just an hour after them with the company jet.

“Mr. Selik, the light in her apartment is still on. I couldn’t confirm if it was her or not.”

“Stay where you are until I get there.” I hung up the call and instructed my driver to send me to River’s apartment.

I knew the building owner and the landlord. I had someone talked to them about River’s case, and they made sure to inform me if Briar appeared at the front door.

In less than an hour, my driver parked the car in front of the building. I was instantly approached by Conner, looking guilty that a woman outsmarted him.

“The lights were off after my call, but she did not go out.”

“Go home. I can take it from here,” I dismissed him.

“Lake, go home. I’ll be fine.” My driver happened to be my bodyguard when I was not sulking in my home. My brother made sure he hired someone who could protect me even from those women who wanted to throw themselves at me. Kai’s words, not mine.

“Are you sure, Mr. Selik?” He did not look happy with my decision.