Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 65 Solutions

Jared frowned after listening to her words. It was the first time Jared felt disgusted about the way Trenton did things.

Trenton could be so despicable just because he didn't get the land.

Suddenly, Jared's phone buzzed.

Jared kept away his thoughts and took a look at the screen of his phone.

It was Amber's text: What should I do now?

Amber added a sighing emoji at the end of the sentence. It looked adorable.

Somehow, as Jared stared at it, the emoji turned into Amber's face .

Perhaps Amber looked exactly like this now.

But soon, Jared became sulky when he noticed that he was thinking about something he shouldn't.

It had nothing to do with him regardless of what Amber looked like now.

Why was he thinking about all these?

Z: I don't know

Amber became disappointed when she saw the text message.

This person gave Amber an idea and helped her get Maxmatch the last time., Amber took him as a reliable person. This time, she sought for his help to see if he had any idea.

Amber suddenly realized that it wasn't a wise thing to do. It could develop into a habit.

"Amber, you need to count on yourself!"

Amber patted her face and started typing on the phone.

Amber: My apologies. It was just a random question. Don't mind it. I'll figure it out with my friend.


Jared squinted his eyes.