Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 60 Claim For Compensation

Amber said with a smile, "It's very simple, let's call the police!"

Cole looked over her in surprise and said, "Amber, don't you say that…"

"What?" Amber asked, while giving him a wary look.

Cole made a zipping motion around his mouth and remained silent.

Amber added, "Since Ms Gardner claimed that she didn't do this on purpose, I think another way around, it's very difficult to distinguish the truth. Why don't we leave this investigation to the police?"

Amber's sharp glint in Jared's eyes told him what she was up to was not simple. Just when he was about to remind Makenna, she had already said, "Of course."

She agreed with a smile on her face, but in her heart, she was teasing at Amber's foolishness. What a moron she was to think of calling the police.

What was the point of calling the police since there was no CCTV?

Amber pretended not to notice Makenna's mockery in her eyes. She smiled and applauded, "Very good, Ms Gardner had made the right decision. Cole, please contact the police as soon as possible because Ms Gardner agreed with my suggestion. Please remind the police to bring a hypnotist."

"Why do we need a hypnotist?" Cole asked curiously as he took out his phone.

Jared narrowed his eyes and locked his deep gaze on Amber.

Her plan included more than just calling the police.

He just didn't think that this was her real purpose.

Makenna became aware of this as well, and her face turned pale.

Amber said with a growing smile, "Of course investigate the truth. I had heard that police would hire a hypnotist to deal with some suspects who refused to cooperate. The hypnotist will hypnotise the suspect so that they will unknowingly tell the truth."

"That's right!" Cole excitedly slapped his thigh and added, "This is a good idea."

"Of course, but this isn't enough. During the hypnosis later, you must live record the entire process. If it is proven that Ms Gardner was careless in the end, this matter will be forgotten, and I will accept my misfortune. However, if it is done on purpose…"

Amber asked mockingly to Makenna, "What's wrong with you, Ms Gardner? Why is your body trembling and your face so pale? There's a lot of sweat too. Are you sick?"