Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 56 Amber Fell Down and Got Hurt

After getting changed with Japanese yukata, the two of them came to the intersection dividing the hot spring ponds for males and females.

Rolling his eyes, Cole wrapped his arm around Amber's tender waist, "Baby, how about we take a mixed bath?"

Amber smiled at him and nudged him with her elbow.

"Ouch!" Cole covered his stomach, looking painful, "Baby, how can you hit me?"

Amber squinted at him, "You deserve it. Taking a mixed bath? Dream on!"

Cole stood upright right away, defending himself, "What's wrong with that? We are a couple."

"A false one." Without paying attention to him, Amber put the bath towel on her shoulders, lifted the curtain with two large-sized letters “Female” on it, and walked in.

With no one inside, it was quiet.

Taking off the bathrobe, Amber wrapped herself up with a white towel covering her upper body to her thighs only, walking into a pond for a single person.

The water was so hot that her whole body turned red. She moaned a few times in comfort.

At that moment, the sliding door of the entrance was opened. And someone walked in.

Amber looked up. Through the swirling vapor, she saw the face of the one coming.

It was Makenna.

Amber frowned. The resort was good. The only flaw of it was that it was too small, making her bump into the one she disliked with ease.

Makenna didn’t expect to see Amber here as well. Feeling stunned for a while, she smiled, saying, “Ms. Reed, here we meet again!”

Amber didn't want to bother with her. Nodding her head, she got up, intending to leave.

As soon as she stepped out of the hot spring pond, Makenna's voice rang again, "Ms. Reed, I just arrived. And you want to leave. You don't want to see me, right? At worst, we were classmates and roommates at college."

Standing in the pool, Amber grabbed the bathrobe and covered her chest, saying with slight ridicule, “Ms. Gardner, you're funny. You always thought that I rubbed you the wrong way back in the university, right? And you dislike me even more now.”