Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 54 A Cute Avatar Makes You Approachable

Hearing this, Jared looked gloomy.

Cole quickly skied down and came to Amber's side, asking, "Baby, is everything okay?"

"Yes, I am fine."

"Glad to hear that." Cole breathed a sigh of relief, shouting to the one on the slope impatiently, "Hey, Ms. Gardner, hurry up!"

After Makenna came down, he said nonchalantly, "Don't assume that I didn't see what had happened just now. It was you who bumped into Amber!"

"Wearing a helmet, I felt that my vision was a little blurry." Makenna bit her lips and apologized to Amber, "Sorry, Ms. Reed, I bumped into you."

"Amber was right in front of you rather than on the side. If you didn’t see her, you were blind!" Cole waved his hand in front of Makenna's eyes, asking, "Ms. Gardner, you're blind, aren't you? Should I help you get a doctor?"

"That's enough." Jared interrupted unhappily, "I saved Ms. Reed just now. And Makenna also apologized to her."

Cole sneered, "Mr. Farrell, you also know that the course is steeply sloping. My baby, who is a beginner, got bumped by Ms. Gardner. If no one had saved her, she would have broken her bones! Can I assume that your girlfriend is committing an attempted murder?"

"Cole, don't be so aggressive." Makenna was so angry that her eyes turned red, saying in a trembling voice, "It’s true that I didn’t see her just now. If you continue to be so picky, I can go up there and let Ms. Reed knock me down once."

"OK!" Cole agreed, "Hurry up. Let Amber bump into you. And I'll go save you. Then we are even!"

Feeling speechless, Makenna leaned against Jared, looking so pitiful.

With a gloomy look, Jared seemed to have been angered by Cole's aggressiveness. Seeing this, Amber tugged at Cole, "Go. Let’s go back."

"No!" Cole was upset, adding, "You had divorced Jared for fuck's sake. And his girlfriend is bullying you. Why do you have to be so forgiving?"

Amber moved closer to him, whispering to him, "Hayden gave me the acquisition documents of Maxmatch."

Hayden was on good terms with Jared. Whatever Jared asked him to do, he would do as he said without taking his collaboration with Amber into his account.

Amber did not want to let Makenna go. Even so, she didn’t want Jared to step in and prevent her from acquiring Maxmatch.

Hearing her words, Cole grasped the pros and cons in between. Grunting, he no longer bothered with Makenna. Before leaving, he turned back and flipped them off.