Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 47 He's Not Even a Human!

"Did you tell Stella that your family is poor, and you work three jobs a day?" Amber sneered, and she contemptuously looked at Hayden, "It's such a pity that you didn't enter the entertainment industry. Otherwise, you would be one of the best actors."

Hayden shrugged and responded, "I went to an automobile store for my car maintenance, but she thought that I was the car mechanic there. I have no idea if she works for your company. I was just teasing her, but I didn't expect her to believe me and ask me to drive for you."

Amber rolled her eyes and said, "Were you interested in Stella because she was naive and pure?"

"You misunderstood me. She was always the one who approached me first," Hayden replied arrogantly and continued, "It was her who was interested in me."

Amber recalled, and it appeared that it was indeed Stella who had feelings for Hayden.

"Where are you going, Ms. Reed?" Hayden turned back to fasten his seatbelt and continued, "This is my first time driving for someone with such a bad conditioned car. You're far too fortunate to enjoy this service."

Hayden complained about Jared when they were on the way, "This car is such a trash, and the driving experience is so bad for me. Jared drives a Maybach on his own, but he didn't give you a fancy car after the divorce. What a douchebag."

"Why didn't you call me back about the issue I asked previously?" Amber calmly changed the topic.

"There's isn't anything wrong with the waiter or the water, so why should I call you back?" Hayden's eyed looked strange, and he continued, "I watched the surveillance that night, and you walked staggering out of the bathroom. You were just overthinking it as you had indeed drunk too much that day."

Hayden then laughed and teased Amber, "You were quite bold last night, Ms. Reed. Is this Jared's first time to see you act like this?"

Amber was embarrassed, and she felt uncomfortable as she listened to Hayden.

She was afraid of Hayden being a busybody, yet he used his authority as a boss to watch the videos!

"Since there's no problem with the water, then just let it be. Let's head to Edgeworth School. I'm exhausted and will take a rest first, notify me when we arrive," Amber pretended to sleep and ignored him as she finished.

At the same time, at the Trident Group.