Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 37 Second-Hand Husband

Stella knew what was going on as soon as she walked back into the room and saw Makenna's bright smile; she didn't even need to look at Amber's cards to figure it out.

Amber seemed to have lost all of her rounds while she was away.

"Ms. Reed, she is your ex-husband's lover, do you really want to lose to her?" She said as she sat down next to Amber. Looking at Amber's bad cards, she muttered.

"It's fine, three wins in five rounds," Amber's grin and her demeanor have been unchanged since the beginning.

As she chatted with Stella, Amber drew another card, and Makenna then presented her cards, taking this round with a happy smile on her face.

Stella couldn't say anything while the lady sitting near Makenna spoke, "Amber, you've now lost two rounds in a row, so I think it's game over for you. All you have to do is apologize to Makenna, and we'll have the best tattoo artist here to erase the initials from your body," she triumphantly said.

"Shall we continue, Ms. Reed?" Makenna said softly, looking up at Amber as if she was waiting for her apologies.

"Certainly. Five rounds, three wins, right?" Amber stated firmly as she moved the cards in front of her aside.

"We offered you a chance to surrender, but you squandered it," the lady said, rolling her eyes at Amber. "You can't win, Makenna is a fantastic poker player."