Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 36 Remove the Tattoo if You Lose

"She must be highly sociable since she befriended Gigi Garland, the granddaughter of the respected Mel Garland, who is a retired senior officer of South Riverside. Someone like her has a vast network that her friends could benefit from," Stella explained in a quiet voice as she glanced at the lady next to Makenna.

Amber had never really left the house before, she didn't know much people, particularly in the business world.

That was why Makenna felt so proud of herself; she was nothing compared to Gigi Garland.

"Oh, you're Mr. Farrell's ex-wife?" Gigi said, casting a disdain glance at Amber. "Keen on a few rounds of games?"

Amber didn't even want to talk to Makenna, let alone play poker with her.

While residing with the Farrell, the one thing she learned from Shonna was to pay attention to one's demeanor and behave accordingly. The instant she talked, she realized Gigi was not a very kind person.

"Certainly, we have time till my friend arrives at ten o'clock," Amber remarked, "But please spare me, as I'm not good at gaming." She didn't want to provoke Gigi and make herself a target because she hadn't yet achieved success.

Gigi led the group to the poker room with a mocking grin.

"I'll make sure you don't lose too much," Makenna stated when Gigi has gone afar, "It's okay, we're just killing the time anyway."

She learned from a friend that Amber had previously lost over ten thousand dollars to Mr. Longman in poker and the waitress said Amber was a complete novice when it came to poker and couldn't play at all.

She might be able to avenge herself for what happened at the watch shop earlier.

Amber smiled at Makenna and said, "I should thank you in advance then."

"Ms. Reed, don't play with them if you suck at poker, they could set you up," Stella said as she followed Amber and the others to the private room.

"It's evident that Gigi is on her side, no matter how many traps she sets up, I need to confront it," Amber stated.

Stella looked at Amber pitifully and said, "Oh shit, you poor thing."

The group entered the room, sat down, and began to play. Despite not understanding how to play, Stella quickly learned a bit or too online. Looking at Amber's poor performance, Stella almost wanted to ask her to quit and play for her.