Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 32 There Is a Man, Right Here

Before getting inside the car, Amber took a deep breath and looked at Logan's battered face.

"Your car is too small to fit my legs!" Logan, on the other hand, began turning and digging about in the back of the car. "Why didn't Jared give you a nice car as part of your divorce settlement?"

Amber's car was a standard sedan, but Logan was so tall that his long legs were coiled up beneath the front seat.

"Stay put or get lost! Or call Jared to fetch you with his limo then," Amber was pissed off.

Logan couldn't think of anything to say in response.

They arrived at the resident parking in no time.

"This is a high-end residential neighborhood, and did you sell the Corazón Azul and get a unit here?" Logan asked as Amber stepped down.

"Didn't you get anything as a divorce settlement from Jared?"

"Are a you dummy? You should at least get some money from him."

Amber completely disregarded the chatterbox and went directly to her apartment, where she used her fingerprint to unlock the door.

Logan snuck in before she locked him outside. He wanted to scream at her, but he needed a place to sleep tonight, so he suppressed his rage.

When he saw Amber approaching the kitchen, he said, "Beef noodles, two servings!"

Though he had previously loathed her, her cooking was excellent, and she used to prepare his lunch box every day when she was still married to Jared. After Amber left, Shonna hired a professional chef, but his food paled in comparison to Amber's.