Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 30 Miss Reed, Please Come to the Police Station

"Yes. Makayla died on this day..."

When thinking of their eldest daughter who di, Mrs. Gardner trembled when holding the flowers. Finally, she burst into tears and cried in agony.

Because it was too hard to bear the death of her eldest daughter, she put all her attention on her younger daughter. But every year when it came to the anniversary of Makayla's death, she still felt the excruciating pain.

"There, there don't cry." Trenton hugged her and comforted, "Today is not only the anniversary of Makayla's death but also the engagement day of Makenna. If Makayla knew this, she would be happy for her sister."

She cried her heart out with gritted teeth, saying, "If it wasn't for Hugo Reed that bastard, how could Makayla... How could she..."

She was choked with the unbearable sorrow.

Trenton also looked gloomy, "The Reed family is gone, with only Amber Reed left."

Six years ago, he avenged his eldest daughter and forced Hugo Reed to death and ruined the Reed family. But due to Amber's marriage with Jared, he could not lay hands on her.

He didn't expect that six years later, Amber would get the shares of Goldstone and become the major shareholder of the company.

"Amber has nothing but Goldstone and it's easy for me to deal with her." Thinking of his late daughter, he was also heartbroken, and his hatred towards the Reed family grew deeper.

She was a little hesitant and said, "Forget it. After all, she is Jared's ex-wife. If Jared knows, things could be difficult for Makenna in the Farrell family."

He hummed and said, "Don't you know why Jared chose to marry Amber? He did not love her at all. Otherwise, how could he watch her family be ruined and let Goldstone go downhill with cold shoulders?"

"Don't worry about it. I will handle all these things." He added, "That tiara was something that Makayla took a fancy to when she was still alive. Remember to ask Makenna for it when coming back home and hide it away in case she gives it to others again."

She nodded and looked at the baby's breath in her hand sadly.