Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 29 Your Remedy Is Far from Enough.

Ignoring Jared's sullen face, Hayden asked again, "Why did you ask someone to send a box of mangoes to Goldstone Co.?"

Jared frowned, "I didn't."

When hearing that his mother scolded Amber because of the mangoes, he became even gloomier and made a call to Fruity Express.

The worker in charge checked the delivery and apologized, "I am so sorry, Mr. Farrell. The delivery man did not know about your divorce and thought Miss Reed was still your wife. So he delivered the mangoes to her company. I am truly sorry."

Since Jared turned on the amplification, Hayden sitting opposite could hear the talk. "Wow, how unlucky Amber is! She suffered from your mother's curse for nothing."

Jared pinched his brow and also felt annoyed.

He did not expect that someone dared take secret photos of him at Red Plum Club. And he never thought that his mother would come to Amber's company to make trouble.

After the waiter finished serving the food, he asked Hayden, "Did Amber talk to people from Yutoga?"

"Yes. And she will go to their factory this Thursday"

He added, "I think that even if you hadn't talked to Yutoga in advance, with her eloquence, they would be willing to help her anyway. Although she is new in the business, she learns fast and is really impressive."

"Is that so?" Jared suddenly felt that he seemed to have never paid attention to her during the marriage.

When they were still married, he always saw her doing all kinds of small things in the family.

She would make delicious meals and iron his suits. In fact, she was a good wife.

But he did not expect that she was also excellent in other aspects other than taking care of the family matters.

Hayden shrugged and said, "You'll know next time if you have a chance to see for yourself. Your ex-wife is truly good."