Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 28 Are You Seducing Amber?

Since Amber was no longer the daughter-in-law of the Farrell family, she did not need to bear Shonna's insults.

She grabbed Shonna's wrist with force and pushed her out. Shonna was caught off guard by her push and directly fell on the ground, screaming in pain, lookingreally disgraceful.

"Ms. Woodham, if you want to say something, say it out." Amber looked at her coldly and added, "If you dare to make a move, I won't be polite to you."

Shonna was fuming, "Amber, you've got some nerves, huh?"

When Amber and Jared were still married, Amber would do anything she was asked to do. But now she even dared to talk back!

"I knew you were just pretending to care about Lady Georgia!" Shonna wore an ink-blue tweed jacket and a skirt but cursed her angrily, looking so undignified.

"When you divorced Jared, you chose to not take anything from him. But what are you doing now? Are you shameless to this point, huh?" Shonna added.

"I did not take his money." Amber looked straight at her.

"Then why did you still seduce my son?" Shonna scolded.

She took out a dozen of photos from her bag and showed them to the surrounding employees. "See how shameless your boss is! My son has divorced her and has a girlfriend. But she still won't let go of my son and tries to seduce him!"

After that, she smashed the remaining photos on Amber. "Look at them yourself! How can you be so shameless to let Jared carry you onto the car?"

The photos hit Amber and then fell to the ground.

Amber picked up two of them. In one photo, she was standing by the car with an umbrella talking to Jared. Since they were standing so close, it seemed like she was hugging him. In the other photo, she was carried by Jared to the car.

She did not expect that someone would take these photos secretly when she argued with Jared at the parking lot yesterday afternoon.