Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 27 I Have to Teach You a Good Lesson!

"Makenna, what's wrong?" noticing Makenna's look, Shonna asked.

Makenna immediately locked her phone screen and replied softly, "It is nothing. My mother asked me when I'll be back. I will reply to her."

Shonna did not doubt about her words and turned to talk to Jared.

After making sure that Shonna did not look at her side, Makenna picked up her phone again and read the WhatsApp messages sent by her friend.

Her friend was also playing cards at Red Plum Club today and said she saw Jared. When she was about to go say hello, she saw him going after Amber and talking with her for a long while by a car.

She muted the phone and clicked on the video.

In the video, Jared said something to Amber, and then carried her to the car. Later, he got into the driver seat of her car and drove away.

The ten-second video sent Makenna a shiver and she clutched the phone tightly.

Didn't they get a divorce?

Why did Jared get into Amber's car, why did he choose to lie to her just now?

Thinking of what happened that night at the banquet party, she felt something wrong. Although Jared seemed to be on her side, he chose to give Amber the Corazón Azul which was worthy of millions of dollars. And today's video also showed…

She suddenly felt panicked. Although Jared had divorced Amber, he did not belong to her either.

What was stolen by her, wouldn't belong to her at the end of the day?

When Amber woke up in the hotel, it was already the next morning.

She remembered that she caught a cold after getting wet last night. But after waking up, she felt refreshed.

Soon she recalled that Jared insisted on driving her back home and she could vaguely remember that somebody fed her something…

Was it Jared?

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his shoulder and said in a lazy tone, "We are partners. So when I have good resources, I will introduce them to you

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and said, "Your girlfriend is quite beautiful.

can't stand it! So I want to seek revenge on Wisemas. No friends of mine are allowed to collaborate with Wisemas.

He fiddled with his phone and added, "I will send you the phone number of the

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