Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 25 Don't Bother!

Mr. Farrell?

Amber looked towards the door and met with Jared's cold gaze. Within a second, she moved her eyes away and let go of the teapot in her hand.

"Mr. Farrell, what brings you here?" Mr. Yates also stood up, greeting him politely.

These four men in the room were all much older than him. But they knew clearly about his ways of doing business.

Besides this, the Farrell Group was quite successful and they dared not offend him to his face.

Jared glanced at Amber and walked in, speaking in a low voice, "I know that Mr. Longman is here, so I come to say hello."

"It's Friday, so we come here to play cards for amusement." Mr. Longman suddenly changed his arrogant tone and said with a smile, "Just now Miss Reed came to us to talk about the purchase and played with us for a few rounds."

Mr. Yates also chimed in, "Yes. Amber's father was my friend. Her father was quite good at playing cards. But she did not have good luck today and lost several times."

The other two men also said a few words and took the opportunity to exchange business cards with Jared.

But Amber fiddled with her cards and remained silent.

After taking the two men's business cards, Jared walked towards Mr. Longman with his long legs and said impassively, "You guys keep playing. I will just watch you play."

Mr. Longman instantly understood and immediately gave him a seat.

Jared pulled out the chair and sat down. At a close distance, he found that the high collar of Amber's sweater was wet and some hair stuck on her delicate neck.

When drawing the cards, Amber let out a few coughs.

Sensing the coldness, he looked at the open window and went over to close it. Then he called for a waiter, "Bring in a blanket."

Noticing his attitude, Mr. Longman and the others eyed at each other.