Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 23 My Money Is Your Money

Amber came back last night in a bad mood and drank until midnight. Then she went to sleep not long before she was awakened by the ringing phone.

She returned to her senses and fumbled for her phone on the bedside table. "Hello?"

"Miss Reed, this is Sheila Dawson speaking," a voice came on the phone.

Hearing the name, Amber sobered up a little and soon remembered the woman.

She was the secretary of Cole. Cole feared that after Amber entered Goldstone Co., she would have nobody to help her, so he assigned his secretary to her.

"What is wrong?" Amber asked while walking towards the bathroom.

Sheila said, "There are some urgent documents to be dealt. When would you be coming to the company?"

Amber thought about it and looked at the time. "I will be there around eight thirty."


Hanging up the phone, Amber washed her face with cold water and finally felt comfortable. But she still suffered from headache because she had drunk too much last night. In the mirror, she saw her slightly haggard face.

After washing up, she came out of the bedroom and saw the messy living room, she pursed her lips hard.

How much did she actually drink last night!

When she drove to the company, it was exactly eight thirty. As soon as she entered the office and sat down, Sheila came in.

"Miss Reed, these are the documents that need to be signed."