Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 19 I Want Corazón Azul!

As Cole finished, the sound of people gasping filled the room. Their eyes darted between Makenna and Amber in shock.

This video had been confirmed by the expert to be true, and if Cole's words were true too...

The person equally shocked was Jared.

He looked to the woman standing in front of him, and his eyes dimmed down before he asked, "Amber, why didn't you tell me?"

"Would you believe me if I told you?" Amber asked in reply, with a touch of sarcasm in her tone, "Mr. Farrell, we've been married for six years. I can count with one hand the time when we had actual conversations every day. There's no room for anyone else but Miss Gardner in your heart."

She used to go to the hospital every day to give Makenna blood transfusions, and she knew how her marriage to Jared had come about and who Jared had in mind. She wanted to get Jared to notice her more by taking care of Makenna.

But for six years, she had gotten nothing but indifference from Jared.

At these words, Jared re-examined the woman in front of him, black dress, red lips, and a nonchalant look on her beautiful face. He felt that Amber looked like a different person now, no longer the docile wife who had been waiting for him to come home in the past.

He also remembered that he and Amber had rarely spoken to each other when they were not divorced. He had never asked her what she had done or what friends she had.

It seemed that he never got to know her ...

The two of them only spoke briefly for a couple of minutes. Jared didn't say anything either, but Makenna was right beside him, and she was keenly aware that Jared had softened towards Amber and seemed to want to defend her.

With a quick glance over the guests, Makenna gritted her teeth and stepped forward, then gave Amber a deep bow.

"Sis, I didn't know about the blood transfusion. You had been so kind to me all these years..." Makenna choked, and her eyes grew red. She bowed to Amber again, "I'm sorry..."

When she looked up, she winked at someone in the crowd before continuing her apology to Amber, "I am sorry about the video too. It was my dad who was too much in love with me and made a mistake in the investigation to think you were the one who hit me with the car."