Cole Lyon was her childhood friend, a typical rich kid.

Cole asked tentatively, "Have you really decided?"

"I've never been more awake." Amber had been smiling since she came out.

She was delicate and beautiful, and when she smiled, it was as if the years of gloom had been dispelled and she became brighter.

Cole sighed, "I thought you'd never be able to think straight for the rest of your life. I've been worried sick about you for the past six years. Why do you fall for that scumbag?"

Amber nodded, "Yeah, how could I have been so stupid!"

"Luckily, you didn't come to your senses too late. Another six years of this and you'd be an old woman." Cole continued jokingly, "I was thinking that if you got kicked out when you were old, I'd marry you reluctantly as a companion. At least, we're childhood sweethearts."

Amber gave him a cold stare, "Please shut up."

"By the way, here are the divorce papers you asked me to prepare. Take a look."

Taking the stack of papers, Amber flipped through them, "I'm not taking anything from Jared. I don't owe him anything back then, and I won't owe him anything in the future."